Does My Insurance Cover Bathroom Safety Equipment?

Unfortunately, Medicare never covers bathroom safety equipment like shower chairs, transfer benches or raised toilet seats. They don't consider these to be "medically necessary devices," even though your doctor, physical therapist or occupational therapist may say they're required safety devices. Sometimes Medicare Advantage Plans can have spending accounts that help you pay for this equipment and it's always worth looking over your benefits to check. Sometimes Medicare will cover a bedside commode under certain circumstances.

Medicare and Lift Chairs

A common question we're asked: Does Medicare cover my lift chair?

The answer is: sometimes they cover part of it. If the patient meets certain conditions, Medicare may cover the cost of the lift mechanism itself, but not the cost of the rest of the chair. In the state of Michigan, this is approximately $300. In order to qualify, the patient normally has to meet the following conditions:


Let's Talk About Lift Chairs!

What is a power lift chair?:  Sometimes also known as an electric lift recliner or a medical lift recliner, this is a chair that lifts the user up into a standing position, sits the user back down, and reclines the user back.

Who needs a lift chair?: A lift chair can be useful to so many different people! Here are some examples: